Ahmed & Qazi

A&Q engaged as legal counsel for 18th REIT scheme

The number of REIT schemes in which A&Q has been formally engaged as legal counsel has risen to a total of eighteen (18), which include shariah compliant and non-shariah compliant REITs, under both direct investment structure and SPV structure.

Four (4) REITs have been successfully registered, with a further fourteen (14) REITs ongoing.

For reference, just thirteen (13) REITs have been registered in Pakistan so far as per SECP’s latest sectoral summary.

On this achievement, we congratulate our team of REIT lawyers comprising Saim Hashmi (Senior Counsel), Nazif Ahmed (Head — Corporate), Altan Ahmed (Senior Associate), Faiza Khan (Senior Associate), Rehan Qadeer (Associate), Amber Patel (Associate), Rashid Ali (Associate), Tasmeena Perveen (Associate), and Mazdak Ahmed (Associate).