Corporate and M&A

A&Q enjoys a leading position in the Corporate and M&A practice, being the firm of choice for market leaders and blue-chip companies for the past two decades in all major industries including textile, media, stock brokerage, fertilizer, automobile, real estate, cement, energy, steel, aviation, technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, telecommunications, food, engineering and agriculture.

With a Pakistan-renowned team of attorneys, A&Q excels at successfully achieving clients’ commercial objectives within deadlines while ensuring that their interests are protected.

A&Q has particular expertise in M&A and maintains a distinguished team of litigators that specialize in getting mergers approved from court and competition authorities in record times.


The primary areas of Corporate and M&A in which we provide services are:
Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions
Foreign Investment
Reorganisations and Restructurings
Corporate Advice
Commercial Contracts
Corporate Governance
Disclosures and Reporting
Directors’ Responsibility
Securities Offering
Private Equity and Venture Capital
Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
Funds and Investment Management
Shareholder Disputes
Post-Transaction Disputes


Divestment of Shares in OGDCL

Acted as legal counsel in the divestment of a certain percentage of shares in Oil and Gas Development Company Limited, the largest company in Pakistan in terms of market capitalization, which involved conducting a highly complex and lengthy legal due diligence exercise of OGDCL.

Divestment of Majority Stake in CPEC Wind Farm

Acted as local legal counsel in the sale to a foreign company of more than 90% shares (more than 300m shares) held by HydroChina International Engineering Co. Limited in HydroChina Dawood Power (Private) Limited, the owner of 50MW HydroChina Dawood Wind Farm at Jhimpir wind corridor, Gharo, Thatta – a CPEC project.

FINCA Pakistan Merger

Engaged as FINCA’s legal counsel for a potential PKR 60 billion merger of FINCA Pakistan with and into APNA Microfinance.

Acquisition by Thai company of Engro Coal and Engro Powergen Thar

Represented a Thailand-based company, Banpu Public Company Limited, in the acquisition of a certain percentage of shareholding in two local companies, namely Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company Limited and Engro Powergen Thar Limited.

Dawood Hercules Group

Acted as legal counsel in an initial merger of Modern Industries (Private) Limited and National Mines (Private) Limited with and into Dawood Industries (Private) Limited and subsequently in the merger of the surviving entity of the initial merger, Dawood Industries (Private) Limited, with and into Dawood Corporation (Private) Limited.

Jang and Geo Group

Segregated the management and operations of its entertainment business and news channel business by undertaking its internal reorganization and restructuring, which also involved a retrenchment exercise of over 3,000 of the group’s workers.

Lotte Chemical Corporation & Lotte Chemical Pakistan Limited

Advised as local legal counsel the statutory requirements to be satisfied upon amendment in Pakistan’s primary company law and assisted in addressing show-cause notices issued by SECP.

Acquisition of Pharmaceutical Company

Represented Atco Pharma International (Private) Limited in its acquisition of another pharmaceutical company, Spencer Pharma, including its intellectual property, drug license, plant, machinery and immovable property.

China Three Gorges

Conduct a comprehensive and thorough legal due diligence exercise of its entire Pakistan branch office operations to provide an assessment of its present corporate and legal status.

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC)

Represented as local legal counsel in relation to the merger of Shanghai Well with another subsidiary of CSIC in Pakistan and the divestment of CSIC’s shares held in Western Energy (Private) Limited (WEL), the owner of a 50MW wind power project at Jhimpir, Sindh – a CPEC project.

Cinepax Limited

Acted as legal counsel in the demerger and reorganization of Cinepax Limited for the purpose of putting it in a position to avail finance facilities from Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

Meezan Bank Limited

Represented MBL in the acquisition of a certain amount of shareholding in Sukh Chayn Valley (Private) Limited, one of the biggest real estate developers in Pakistan.

Jang and Geo Group

Advised on all legal aspects and issues relating to its potential collaboration with CNN.

Sind Paper Mills (Private) Limited

Acted as legal counsel for getting its name struck off and deleted from the register of the SECP, being the first company in Pakistan to be struck off and deleted in this manner under the new statutory regime.

Huaneng Fuyun Pakistan Port & Shipping (Private) Limited

Represented it in its joint venture with Huaneng Shandong Ruyi (Pakistan) Energy (Private) Limited and Qungdao Old Captain Shipping Company Limited.

Landmark Spinning Industries Limited and Sponsors

Acted as its legal counsel in the completion of all legal requirements of a share purchase agreement between LSIL’s sponsors and GazPak (Private) Limited (GazPak) which included delisting requirements, reversal of order of the SECP, sanctioning of winding-up of LSIL, getting LSIL removed from defaulters’ segment of PSX and getting its shares unfrozen in the Central Depository System.

DD of Modarabas

Engaged by KASB Invest (Private) Limited to conduct legal due diligence of KASB Modaraba, First Prudential Modaraba and First Pak Modaraba as per the directions of the SECP.

KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co.

Formally retained as its legal counsel in Pakistan for all its internal legal queries and matters.

Registration and Repatriation of Foreign Direct Investment

Advised a Hong Kong-based company, Taung Gold International Limited, on the legal position of its foreign direct investment not having been registered with the SBP, the possibility of repatriating such investment and the procedure of getting it registered with the SBP by way of ratification.

Woburn Energy Plc

Conducted an extensive legal due diligence on behalf of a UK-based company, Woburn Energy Plc, of Bow Energy Resources SRL concerning the branch office operations of BER in Pakistan.

KASB Group Merger

Advised, negotiated and litigated the merger of KASB Finance (Private) Limited with and into KASB Corporation Limited.

Acquisition of My Solutions Corporation

Provided legal advice with respect to the acquisition of My Solutions Corporation Limited By KASB Securities Limited From KASB Bank Limited.

Acquisition of Technology

Acted as legal counsel in an arrangement between Tianjin Auto Technology Company Limited and Orient Automotive (Private) Limited for the acquisition of certain technology.

OBS Group Merger

Acted as legal counsel in the merger of OBS Healthcare (Private) Limited and OBS Pharma (Private) Limited with and into OBS Pakistan.

Omni Group of Companies

Represented the group as its legal counsel for the acquisition of certain moveable and immoveable assets of Venus Chemicals (Private) Limited, Seri Sugar Mills (Private) Limited and Tando Muhammad Khan Sugar Mills.

AGP Group Merger

Acted as legal counsel in the merger of AGP Healthcare Private Limited and AGP Private Limited with and into Appollo Pharma Limited.

Acquisition of Indus Fruit Products

Represented the acquirer in the acquisition of 83% shareholding of Indus Fruit Products Limited.

KASB Funds Limited and Pak Oman Asset Management Company Limited

Represented them as their legal counsel in the amalgamation of KFL and POAMCL into a single entity.

ASG Group Merger

Acted as legal counsel in the merger of Abbas Steel Industries (Private) Limited, Abbas Engineering Industries Limited, Al-Abbas Steel (Private) Limited with and into ASG Metals Limited, a merger valuing over PKR 2 billion making it to be the biggest merger in the steel industry of Pakistan.

Tata Group

Advised and assisted in the completion of various post-merger formalities of certain companies of Tata Group of Companies, namely, Island Textile Mills Limited, Salfi Textile Mills Limited, Tata Energy Limited and Tata Textile Mills Limited.

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