Ahmed & Qazi

Nadeem Ahmed

Having spent around three decades practicing commercial law, Nadeem Ahmed has always emphasised grasping, teaching and applying basic concepts of law.

During his career, Nadeem Ahmed introduced securitization transactions in Pakistan, handling the country’s first seven consecutive securitization transactions. He was the counsel in the issuance of the first commercial paper in Pakistan. He was the acquirers’ lawyer for the purchase of the entire American Express credit card portfolio while using a structure that helped avoid payment of any stamp duty.

Upon post-9/11 ban on havala/hundi, under the new licensing regime, he prepared the basic constitutional documents for the first foreign exchange company in Pakistan. All the foreign exchange companies in Pakistan today have used the same constitutional documents as those of the first licensed foreign exchange company.

He also introduced the concept of banks obtaining token registered mortgage from their borrowers thus having the benefit of both equitable and registered mortgages, something that has now become a routine practice in Pakistan.

Nadeem Ahmed also personally argued and got the merger of two listed companies approved by Honourable Sindh High Court within a time period of just 70 days including holidays, the shortest period in history, and also a merger of two private limited companies within another record time of just six weeks without even having to convene their shareholders’ meetings.

Dozens of leading entrepreneurs in Pakistan rely on his legal advice on a range of business and family matters.

Over the years, Nadeem Ahmed has drafted basic documents for Islamic finance and Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) etc. and has taught basic concepts of Pakistani law to hundreds of young lawyers, bankers, and corporate professionals.