Being one of the leading commercial law firms in the country, and with our main office in Karachi and affiliate offices at Lahore and Islamabad, we offer high quality personalised legal services to dozens of large companies in Pakistan, companies that enjoy a lead position in their respective areas of business.

Our clients include market leaders in the fields of banking and finance, Islamic banking, textile, media, stock brokerage, fertilizer, automobile, real estate, cement, steel, aviation and supervising foreign investments, specially in projects under CPEC.

In order to ensure that our commitment to our client and the quality of our services are truly unmatched, we offer our clients the fastest turnaround time and we remain accessible to our clients, beyond office hours and even on weekends.

In addition to this, in order to really demonstrate how genuine is our commitment to serve our clients, we are the only law firm that for decades has been running a policy of either foregoing or immediately and fully refunding our fee upon receiving even an informal complaint from our clients about the quality of our services.

We are also the only law firm in the country that is equally strong on the corporate and dispute resolution side.

The result of our unmatched commitment and loyalty to our client is that today, almost all the commercial banks in Pakistan are our clients, we are the preferred firm for the four Islamic banks, we are handling most of the work for the largest media houses in Pakistan, and in CPEC work, we are the leading firm, having most of the Chinese companies operating in Pakistan as our clients, with the largest bank, ICBC, retaining our firm for many years now.

Apart from this, major investors in large housing projects, both foreign and local, rely on our firm’s long experience and expertise of real estate laws to convert their plans into real projects.

The areas of the services that we routinely provide our large number of clients range from banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, intellectual property, foreign exchange, foreign investments and so on.