Ahmed & Qazi


A few years ago, Sinohydro, a Chinese state-owned enterprise and one of the world’s most prestigious hydropower engineering companies, successfully bid for a PKR 7 billion contract with WAPDA for the construction of Darawat Dam, a 151 feet concrete gravity dam in Sindh.

Sinohydro successfully completed construction of the entire project in 2014 and its completion was inaugurated by Former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari. However, despite Sinohydro’s performance of its obligations, Sinohydro believed that WAPDA did not satisfy its payment obligations as per their contract.

Sinohydro officials then engaged our firm after which our team swiftly took the matter to arbitration in Lahore where, with rigorous preparation, we extensively argued our case before the arbitrator.

The end result was that, within a short period of two months of Sinohydro approaching us, we persuaded the arbitrator, with our convincing arguments, to announce a PKR 990 million award in favor of Sinohydro and against WAPDA. Subsequently, the award became a rule of the court and WAPDA had to pay PKR 990 million to Sinohydro. This is a testament of the commitment, competence, speed and efforts of our firm towards achieving the commercial objectives of our valued clients.

This matter was led by Saim Hashmi (Senior Counsel) who was assisted by Rehan Qadeer (Associate) and various other associates and paralegals from our firm.